IPL skin rejuvenation treatments

IPL skin rejuvenation treatments leave your skin looking and feeling younger, smoother and silkier. The safe, visible light emitted from the IPL flash lamp makes your skin look younger by removing age spots, sun spots, uneven pigmentaiton, and diffusing redness and improving your skin texture over a course of treatments.

Reduce birthmarks, redness and flushing
Reduce sun damage (photo aging) and fine wrinkling
Smooth skin and reduce pore size
Reduce irregular pigmentation and freckles
Even skin Tone
Improve Rosacea
Reduce stretch marks

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Wellington

IPL treatment options and prices

Prices are per treatment and will only be performed after a consultation with out specialist. To book your consultation or treatments, please use the form to the right, contact us on 04 471 1469 or make your booking in the salon.

Consultation with our IPL specialist $25
Upper lip $100
Cheeks $200
Full face $300
Neck $200
Face and neck $400
Decolletage $250
Hands $200
Forearms $300
Full arms $300
Spot $55

Make a booking for IPL Skin Rejuvenation

To make a booking, you can call the salon on 04 471 1469, use the booking form below or visit the salon.

Our opening hours and salon address are at the bottom of the page.