nail enhancements & extensions

the healthy, natural looking alternative to acrylic

At The Finishing Touch we have a wide variety of Hard Gel extension brands to choose from as we do not believe “one size fits all”.  We can offer hard gel extensions and overlays with any of the following brands:  Gelish Polygel, CND Plexigel, LCN Gels, Gigisii Polygel and OPI Structure Gel. These gels are the best on the market and feel light as a feather, never lift and cause no allergic reactions like acrylics and sns can.   After a thorough consultation, determining the health of your natural nail, previous damage done by biting or over-filing by over zealous technicians and the integrity of your natural nail plate we will determine and advise which is the best product for you and why.  We mostly sculpt extensions on a form but occasionally do use tips where necessary.
 We like to offer you the most natural and finest Gel nail extensions on the market today.  We treat your natural nail extremely gently with no harsh filing, only gently removing the shine with a soft buffer before thoroughly cleansing and applying your extension product.  We also use custom files on each client, this means your own clean files are kept in a separate envelope with your name on it and all the information on every product and colour we have used is recorded.  We have over 200 ‘gel’ colours for you to choose from at no extra charge and as many ‘regular’ polishes in case you like to change your own colour regularly between visits.

We use safe, effective LED Gel Lights – No UV lamps in the salon!

nail enhancement options & prices

Full set Natural Extensions
(tips or sculpted)
Full set Permanent french extensions  $130
Backfill  $95
Rebalance (pink and white) $99
Removal followed by manicure
Repaint – regular polish
Repair per nail (individual) $15
Nail Art from $10
French added to service $10


Kathy has specialised in nail biters and pickers for many years and loves to do extreme make-overs of the fingernails for both men and women.

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