professional eyelash extensions

The eyelash extension will last as long as the natural eyelash it is applied to.  The natural eyelash has a lifecycle of about 6 weeks and when it falls out it will obviously take the extension with it.  Over time small ‘gaps’ will begin to appear in your lash line which is when you can simply come in for a ‘top-up’ appointment.

  • As your natural lashes grow in a replenishing cycle, your extensions will gradually fall out too. By following the aftercare instructions you will maximise the longevity of your extensions.
  • NO water or steam within 24hours. (Boiling jug, pots, steaming dishwasher, steam rooms, saunas, sweating) and then avoid steam rooms and saunas as much as possible thereafter.)
  • NO oil based products around the eye area.
  • NO tugging/ pulling the extensions.
  • NO tinting or perming on top of new Extensions.
  • If your lashes are wet from cleansing, showering or swimming. Dry them by blinking onto a tissue and/or use a fan or cold hair dryer. Brush your extensions when dry.

** If your extensions fall out excessively within the first week please contact the salon ASAP and we will book you to replace the missing extensions within 7 days. However this will be voided if aftercare instructions have not been followed.

  • DO NOT wear eye make up to your appointment,  especially mascara as this will interfere with the adhesion of the eyelashes.
  • You may wish to wash your hair the night before your appointment as we recommend to keep your extensions away from water/steam for 24hours after your appointment.

We highly recommend you wash your extensions with a foam lash cleanser, to keep your lashes clean and healthy.

We offer a full range of high quality aftercare products – available for purchase in the salon after your appointment.

Any time required to remove makeup prior to your lash application considered part of your treatment time. We recommend you come in without make-up.

Classic 75 min $150
2D Volume 75 min $130
Baby Doll (L curve) 75 min $125
Light Volume 75 min $130
Full Volume 75 min $150
Designer 90 min $175
Infills 30 min $60
Infills 45 min $80

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