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When you receive a manicure treatment in the hands of our talented team, even the shortest or seriously bitten nails can benefit enormously from specialised hand treatments. We have an expansive range of top quality polishes both regular and gel including OPI, CND, Gelish, The Gel Bottle among a few other of our favourites and everything you can think of for any nail art you could want.

With all our manicure services we use custom files for each client.  Your nail files are kept in an envelope with your name on it and are only used on you.  This with our hospital grade disinfection guarantee you the client, the safest manicure possible.

We have an exciting new range of totally innovate polishes coming soon to be launched in the salon… follow us on Facebook for updates.

Medical Grade Manicures & Pedicures

We offer Medical Grade Manicures and Pedicures with all the luxury of the Pure Fiji Rituals.  Suitable for diabetics and others who need a safe, hygienic pedicure without sacrificing all the pampering.  Salon owner Kathy Beswick was interviewed by Radio NZ about the lack of regulation in the nail industry.  Read the full article on RNZ.

Deep Tissue Massage in Wellington CBD
  • We use only new files for your first manicure at our salon.  After your treatment, your files are either kept at the salon in an envelope with your name on it or given to you to take away.
  • All pedicure files are disposed of after use.
  • We never clip around the eponychium – most people know this as the cuticle area.
  • We just perform the safest treatment with diabetics in mind.
  • All metal instruments are sterilised to hospital grade disinfection.
  • The integrity of the natural nail is the most important thing and we take every care to give you the safest manicure or pedicure possible.
  • For our pedicures we use elim medi- callus peel which is a gentle solution that melts away your calluses and areas of hard skin if required.
  • We never use sharp blades which should never be used except by trained podiatrists.
  • We use copper bowls which are totally disinfected – no dirty pedicure spas are used.  There are no hidden areas (i.e. the motor of the spa) or crevices for bacteria and pathogens to hide.

manicure treatments & prices

refresher manicure

30 minutes  $40

Nails are shaped, tidied and buffed smooth.  Your nails are thoroughly prepped before polish is perfectly applied.

essential manicure

45 minutes  $60

To start nails are filed to the desired length and shape. Cuticles then receive a treatment and hands are wrapped in luxurious hot towels to help soften cuticles. The cuticle area is then tidied (no nipping), nails are buffed smooth, cleaned and perfected before a relaxing hand and arm massage. To finish, nails can be either buffed to a high glossy shine or painted to perfection with our extensive range of LCN and Vinylux long lasting polishes along with an extensive range of traditional CND and OPI polish.

refresher package

1 hour  $90

Our Refresher Package combines our Refresher Manicure along with Refresher Pedicure.

essential package

1 hour 45 minutes  $130

Our Essential Package combines our Essential Manicure along with Essential Pedicure.

gel polish soak-off & re-apply

1 hour  $75

Nails are wrapped in remover pads and left for 10 minutes for the gel polish to soften and loosen. Hot towels are applied, cuticles are conditioned and tidied then nails are shaped before the gel polish layers are reapplied. To finish, cuticle conditioning lcn nail oil is applied and the hands receive a light massage.

gel polish removal & nail tidy

30 minutes  $50

Nails are wrapped in remover pads and left for 10 minutes for the gel polish to soften and loosen.  Wraps are removed, nails wiped clean, cuticles treated, then nails are shaped and buffed to a high shine.  To finish, cuticle conditioning lcn nail oil is applied and the hands receive a light massage.  This treatment does not include nail polish.

paraffin skin treatment

30 minutes  $50

Hands and arms receive an exfoliation, hot towel treatment mask and deluxe massage. Hands are then dipped into warm paraffin wax for an intensive moisturising treatment.  Sit back and let the warm wax penetrate the skin and joints).  When the wax is peeled off like a glove, the skin is plumped up, hydrated and smells divine.

men’s manicure

30 minutes  $45

Nails are trimmed and shaped.  Cuticles are softened before being wrapped in scented hot towels and then tidied.  Hands are then massaged with a non-scented moisturiser, before the nails are oiled and buffed.

deluxe spa paraffin manicure

1 hour  $90

Nails are filed and shaped. Cuticle softener is applied before hands are wrapped in luxurious scented hot towels. Cuticles are conditioned and tidied and nails are buffed to a high shine. Hands and arms then receive an exfoliation treatment and relaxing massage. Mask is applied and the hands are enveloped in warm moisturising paraffin wax and wrapped in mitts. When the paraffin cools it is peeled off like a glove. To finish, nails are prepped, before polish is perfectly applied.

IBX repair treatment add on

First treatment  $30
Ongoing treatments  $20

The IBX repair system strengthens natural nails and repairs moderate to severe nail damage by fusing together the upper layers of the nail plate.  This provides strength and protection for the natural nail plate and is an ideal treatment for under nail polish and gel polish (can even make gel polish last longer).

Manicure add ons

French polish  +$10
Nail art  POA

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