nail biter makeovers for men and women

Salon owner Kathy specialises in nail biters and takes a more holistic approach to helping you stop the biting habit. She understands the problem and has specialised hard gels for creating a short but totally natural looking nail. Kathy can put you on a programme to help you grow back a strong and healthy nail. After a time of having hard gels you can opt to move onto the IBX strengthening treatment with gel polish and help you grow your own healthy and strong natural nails.

Saying “my nails are too short for a manicure” is like saying “my hair is too long for a haircut”.

Short, damaged or bitten nails can be transformed, creating the illusion of a longer nail bed using the extensive gel system into elegant, perfect, natural looking nails. Our technicians can cleverly mask imperfections and transform bitten nails so no-one will believe they are not your own.  Hard gels are strong, flexible, light as a feather to wear and incredibly durable and are the ultimate long lasting nail enhancement.  Wear them and treat them like your own nails (carefully of course), wear them natural or paint them as often as you like, they will always be perfect and high gloss underneath, or have them painted in the salon with one of our many gel polish colours.

Prices for nail rejuvenation will be arranged after an initial consultation.


Kathy has specialised in nail biters and pickers for many years and loves to do extreme make-overs of the fingernails.

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