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Our pedicure treatments are hugely popular as more and more men and women like to keep their feet looking and feeling great.  The most popular option for toenail colour today is Shellac/colour gel polish as it requires no drying time allowing you to put shoes or boots straight on and walk out the door without any risk of denting or smudging toenails.  Also, this polish won’t chip – it will simply ‘grow’ off unless it is removed.

Sit back in the luxurious chairs and be pampered.  Coffee and tea, relaxing music and the latest magazines, make this a truly pleasurable experience.  Remember to bring open-toe shoes if you are choosing traditional nail polish.

Medical Grade Manicures & Pedicures

We offer Medical Grade Manicures and Pedicures with all the luxury of the Pure Fiji Rituals.  Suitable for diabetics and others who need a safe, hygienic pedicure without sacrificing all the pampering.  Salon owner Kathy Beswick was interviewed by Radio NZ about the lack of regulation in the nail industry.  Read the full article on RNZ.

Deep Tissue Massage in Wellington CBD
  • We use only new files for your first manicure at our salon.  After your treatment, your files are either kept at the salon in an envelope with your name on it or given to you to take away.
  • All pedicure files are disposed of after use.
  • We never clip around the eponychium – most people know this as the cuticle area.
  • We just perform the safest treatment with diabetics in mind.
  • All metal instruments are sterilised to hospital grade disinfection.
  • The integrity of the natural nail is the most important thing and we take every care to give you the safest manicure or pedicure possible.
  • For our pedicures we use elim medi- callus peel which is a gentle solution that melts away your calluses and areas of hard skin if required.
  • We never use sharp blades which should never be used except by trained podiatrists.
  • We use copper bowls which are totally disinfected – no dirty pedicure spas are used.  There are no hidden areas (i.e. the motor of the spa) or crevices for bacteria and pathogens to hide.

pedicure options & prices

Refresher Pedicure

30 minutes  $65

Feet are gently soaked in a relaxing fragrant foot bath before cuticles are conditioned and tidied with meticulous attention to detail.  Nails are filed to the desired length and buffed smooth.  To finish perfect polish is applied.

Pure Fiji Spa Pedicure

60 minutes  $99

Feet are gently soaked in a relaxing fragrant foot bath before nails are filed, shaped and cuticles conditioned and tidied to perfection.  You then receive an exfoliation with Pure Fiji sugar scrub and your calluses are reduced.  Lie back and relax with a Pure Fiji body butter mask brushed onto the feet and wrapped in hot towels before you receive a lower leg and foot massage – Pure Heaven.  Nails then are painted the colour of your choice.

Hot Stone Pedicure

75 minutes  $129

Our Luxurious Pure Fiji Spa Pedicure incorporating a warming Hot Stone Massage on the legs.  The most relaxing pedicure you will ever receive.

Signature Paraffin Foot Treatment

45 minutes  $85

Relax, lie back and enjoy a soak in a Pure Fiji foot bath, exfoliation of the lower legs and feet with  your choice of Pure Fiji sugar scrub or coconut cream scrub and then a lower leg and foot massage with Pure Fiji body butter and oils (Feet then are enveloped in warm paraffin wax and let the warmth of the paraffin work it’s magic – absolute luxury for the feet.  Walk in – float away!

Pedicure Add Ons

Callus Peel  +$30

Paraffin Wax  +$30
Wilde Pedique Toenail Reconstruction  from +$20 – $35 per nail
Gel soak off  15 min +$15
French Polish  +$15
Gel Polish +$10

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