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Nimue Skin Technology is a derma – cosmeceutical brand that was developed in 1994 by leading skincare scientists and plastic surgeons aimed at the medical market for pre and post- operative application.

Since then Nimue has evolved into a globally recognised professional skincare brand renowned for expert understanding of the skin, innovative formulations and cutting edge technology and effective combination, concentration and strength of active ingredients.

At Nimue “we treat the cause and not the symptom”.  Nimue advanced and powerful formulations effectively assist in treating the majority of skin concerns including:

Fine Lines



Fine Lines,  Wrinkles,  Sagging,  Pigmentation,  Discolouration,  Acne,  Dryness,  Oiliness,  Sensitivity.

What makes Nimue Different?

  • Unique triple R combination AHA concept delivers maximum stimulation and visible results with minimum to no irritation in the skin
  • Nimue Refill system saves the clients a minimum of 25% on each top up purchase and reduces the environment impact
  • No abrasives are used ensuring that the skin is not overstimulated and the skin barriers remain intact.
  • Free of artificial colourants and fragrance
  • Free of lanolin, mineral oil and parabens
  • Kind enough to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • No animal testing or any animal products used.
  • Our 3 phase system allows for easy understanding of the range and ensures the correct results are achieved.

Nimue Therapeutic Treatment

60 minutes  $120
30 minute refresher  $65

This treatment is designed for all skin types.  This is a specialised relaxing aspect treatment customised to your specific skin needs with all the essentials including: cleanse, exfoliate, gentle steam, massage and masks to deliver excellent results.

Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment

60 minutes  $130

This treatment is indicated for environmentally damaged, hyper pigmented and problematic skin types.  It is a potent, yet gentle and safe active treatment delivering powerful results such as refined texture, pore size and vitality.  The skin is cleansed, conditioned and exfoliated with orange and papaya fruit enzymes.  The bio Active Complex is then applied to the skin for more radiant, smoother texture.  The treatment is finished off with an After Care Hydrator and SPF 40.  These treatments are recommended in weekly or two weekly courses of 6 to 10 treatments.  Course can be repeated 2x a year.

Nimue 35% Glycolic Treatment

60 minutes  $150

Indicated for environmentally damaged, hyper pigmented and problematic skin types. The Glycolic peel treatment provides controlled and predictable removal of skin cells to improve texture and appearance of the skin.This treatment is recommended in weekly or two weekly courses of 6-12 treatments. Course can be repeated 2x yearly.

Nimue Package Special

60 minutes  $249

Therapeutic Facial with consultation and a Nimue Starter Kit included, we are offering to clients a special to help them with their skin and to be able to get them into a routine at home whilst been able to come in every 4-6 weeks for a professional treatment.  Starter kits lasts between 4-6 weeks.

Add On Treatments:

Collagen Eye Treatment 20 minutes  $80
Collagen Face Film  $10

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